Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clash of the Titans: 4th Review (Spoiler Alert!)

Okay, so we've all heard of Percy Jackson. I mean, who hasn't read the Percy Jackson series? Well, that movie was for us, teens and tweens. But now, there's the movie Clash of the Titans. A story based on Perseus and the Greek gods. Now, the movie was rated best 3D movie, but best movie? I don't think so. Overall, the movie was hard to get into, and it felt short and didn't have enough plots and twists. But, even with that, its a great movie that gives you perspective on the Greek myths, legends and heroes. 
      The story starts out from the original scene of Perseus and his mother floating away on the sea in a coffin. A fisherman then finds Perseus and keeps him, though his mother had not survived. Perseus then ends up living with the fisherman and his wife. Later on, when soldiers are toppling over Zeus's statue, the statue falls over onto Perseus boat and kills his family. Outraged, Perseus from then on hates Hades, since Hades's creatures had also helped the statue fall onto their boat. Perseus then awakes after the accident in a king's palace, who, along with his kingdom, think man should rule their world, instead of the gods. Hades then shows up and shows his wrath to the king, by killing his wife. Then, Hades says to the kingdom, that he will release the Kraken in days amount of time, and if the king's daughter isn't killed by then, the Kraken will not be stopped. Perseus witnesses all of this and is soon in the company of his guardian, who tells him he is the son of Zeus and that he has to kill the Kraken. Perseus refuses and says all he wants to do is annihilate Hades, but the guardian tells him that killing the Kraken will  weaken Hades himself, since it is Hades's creature from the beginning. And from then the story goes on, from Perseus going to the three witches, and to meeting Medusa.
      Watch this spectacular movie and find out for yourself if it is worthy of being best movie.

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