Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ripple Giveaway by Mandy Hubbard

Hey!!! I just heard of a great giveaway by Mandy Hubbard for her new book, Ripple, which comes out today! She's giving away a copy of that or her other book, But I Love Him. (It's winner's choice!) Just Tweet or blog about the giveaway and comment on her post, and your in! More information here. Make sure you guys enter, her books are amazing!

Amazing cover, right???

Cryer's Cross

Hi people! How's your summer been going? Mine's been hot and humid, seriously, it's soooo hot here! Anyways, back to the books. I finished Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann and was thoroughly surprised! It was way different than I expected, in a good way of course.
Kendall Fletcher had big problems even before her two high school classmates went missing. Her intrusive OCD put her at loose ends, constantly searching for lost threads. The Cryer's Cross freshman was shaken by the disappearance of the first student, but she was totally thunderstruck when her close friend vanished. With her mind already in overdrive, she attempts to put together the pieces of crimes that stump even the police. A spooky small town thriller with a fascinating (and infinitely sympathetic) main character.
Sorry for the short summary, that's all they had on Goodreads, but that's all you really need to know! I thought this book would be like any other mystery, but it really wasn't! First of all, Kendall is such a unique character. With her OCD and determination she's unlike any character I've ever read about. She was daring and caring and a whole package that seems too real. And then there's Jacian, the hot guy that every mystery book has. Wow, he really suprised me. He changed so much throughout the book and despite his first impression, turned out unlike what I thought he would. The ending of the book left me kind of disappointed though, I won't say anything about it because I'll probably give away a bunch, but I thought it would stick more to realistic fiction, which it didn't. But all in all, really good ending. I really liked how the book stuck to me, I couldn't set it down. Even though the climax of the book was basically the last couple of pages. Overall, it was really good and I'm glad I picked it up. Up next, I'm gonna review The Lying Game! 
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