Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sorry I haven't been on guys, I have a lot of homework for school and a bunch of tests and what not. So yeah, sorry! But I did read an amazing book. And I really mean amazing. This book will change your view of everything, it will make you think about it every second of the day and every day of the week. It's that good! I mean, I'm still thinking about this book! This is by far, THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ! And, (I'm sorry to say this because I really like these books,) this book was better than The Body Finder, Prada and Prejudice, or any other book I have ever read IN MY LIFE! Ugh guys if you don't read this I swear, you are missing out on the most spectacular book ever!!! By the way this book is a Net Galley book but its due for publication in February, I have the countdown widget on my sidebar if you're looking for the exact day.
Lena lives in a different world from us. A world full of cruelty, not that anyone knows. You see, in Lena's world there is a deadly disease, a disease that cannot be cured once you have it unless you get surgery. Would you guess what that disease is? It's called love. That's right, in Lena's world love is a disease. And when everyone turns 18 they have to get cured from love, never able to feel it again. There is also a border surrounding the US, where no one can go out and no one can go in. There are guards everywhere making sure that girls and boys don't interact. They can't talk, or even be close to each other. Not unless its your pair. When your 18 and cured you get paired with another cured person and you get married. But you have no say whatsoever in who it is. Not that it would matter, you can't feel love anyways. Love is a disgrace, if you have it you get killed. You also can't listen to any music that hasn't been approved by the government, so basically every kind of music is illegal. Now here's what happens in the story, Lena meets a guy who's name is Alex. And guess what? They fall in love. But how can you be in love in a place where love is a deadly disease, and whoever catches it has to be killed? Read this book to find out what Alex and Lena do, with Lena's surgery for being cured is only weeks away and Lena wants to do anything to delay it. Will Alex and Lena be able to stay together, or will Lena be cured and paired with someone else? READ THIS BOOK!
I am not kidding when I say this book is the best book I have ever read. I know I've said this a lot, but I'm being serious. I couldn't put this book down, at all. I had to keep reading and reading and reading and reading until the very end. This book made me cry and laugh and hold on to the edge of my seat and crossing my fingers to see what would happen next. I love Lena's character sooo much, one because she shares the same birthday as me, she's the same height as me, AND she loves running, just like me! So yeah, I love Lena. And who wouldn't love Alex? He's so sweet and nice and is totally against the world they are living in, and he isn't afraid to show it. This book's plot was the most incredible thing I have ever read, it was the first book that captured my heart from the very first sentence, which only shows how much more incredible it was. The ending was incredible too and I am soooo going to buy the second book once it comes out, I couldn't live without buying it! Over all, this is THE MOST INCREDIBLE AMAZING AWESOMEST MOST TOUCHING AND HEART WARMING BOOK EVER WRITTEN! That doesn't convince you enough? Go and read it for yourself!!!
Stars: 10 out of 5!!!
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