Monday, January 10, 2011

Deadly Little Secret

Helllloooo, haha. Sorry I haven't been on in like three days, I've been busy reading books! Anyways, I recently read an amazing book by one of my favorite authors, Laurie Fauria Stolarz, and it's called Deadly Little Secret. I know I'm totally obsessed with the Blue is For Nightmares series, but I like this series sooo much better and can't wait to read the rest. This book was so good I had to stay up all night so I could finish it, I didn't want to set it down! So here's the review.
Camelia almost died three months ago after a car came reeling at her and she thought that for sure she was dead, her life changed. Because of one person, Ben Carter who comes in her rescue and pushes her out of the car's way.  And then he left. That's right, he left without a chance for Camelia to say thank you to him for saving her life, left without a name, or even a chance that she would ever see him again. Now Ben's back, three months after the accident. But he doesn't seem to remember the incident at all, at least, he's pretending not to. And there's more to it, there are secrets surround Ben's past. For starters, he supposedly killed his girlfriend by pushing her off a cliff. But no one's sure. At least not Camelia. No. The same Ben Carter who saved her life could not have killed his own girlfriend, could he?
When Ben tells Camelia that she's in danger, Camelia has her doubts. First there's Ben's mysterious past, and the fact that he doesn't seem to recall saving her, and she's supposed to believe that she's in danger and actually trust Ben in all of this? There are secrets everywhere, dangerous ones, one's that when you figure them out will make you gasp. But there's more. Camelia starts recieving packages and pictures in her mail, each of them making her more scared by the minute. Will she ever figure it all out? Will she trust Ben? Most importantly, will she figure out who this stalker with the packages is? If it's not Ben already.
This book is amazing, it has it all, the mystery, the humor, the sort of book that's just telling you, "Read me! Read me!" from the very beginning. Unlike some books I read, I was attached from the very start. It was the kind of book where you HAVE TO KEEP ON READING until you find out who the real culprit is. And then there's the lovable characters, Camelia and her circle of friends that managed to humor me to the very end of the book. So, if my saying that this book is great doesn't give you enough, go and read it for yourself!
Stars: 5
Status: Must Read 
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