Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hey guys, I'm really sorry to say this but... I'm not going to be on for a very very long time. Maybe a couple months? Track started on Monday and I've just had time to get a post in. So I probably won't be on for a long time! Meanwhile, go to Katies Amazing Book Reviews, she has great reviews everyday! So yeah, goodbye! I hope you guys don't unfollow me! Ciao!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hi! I am sooo excited right now because track starts on Monday! WOOHOO! But back to business now, I just finished Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games #3), and it was the last book in the series.
Katniss Everdeen has now survived the Hunger Games twice. The moment she threw that arrow into the arena forcefield everything changed. First, she and some of the other victors were busted out of the games by a hovercraft, but the only problem... Peeta wasn't rescued. Peeta is now prisoner of the Captiol by President Snow. Now Katniss has to be the Mockingjay in District 13, where yes, there is civilization. But how are they going to overthrow the Capitol when anything they do may harm Peeta? All the districts are now rebelling, and it's up to Katniss to save Peeta, kill President Snow, and keep everyone she loves safe.
Unfortunately, this book didn't capture me like The Hunger Games and Catching Fire did, I really was hoping it would. I told myself it would get better as the book went along, but I guess I was wrong. The book lacked the action and excitement and twists of the two previous books. It felt like to me it was just stretching itself just so it could be a little longer. It was really slow. The only good actiony parts were at the very very end, and that was about a page long. Of course, not a very happy ending, but happy all the same. There had to be some deaths, I already knew that. Overall, a kind of slow going book that I probably overestimated because of the greatness of the previous two. However, if you read any of the previous books you have to read this, because you have GOTTA know what happens in the end.
Stars: 3.75
Status: If you wanna read

Monday, March 14, 2011

Catching Fire (Hunger Games #2)

Whoa, didn't see that one coming. This book probably had the BIGGEST twist I have ever read. I never saw that one coming!!! And talk about horrible cliff-hanger! Good thing I'm going to the library soon to get Mockingjay. So this book is Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins and it is the second of the Hunger Games trilogy. So here's the review:
Katniss Everdeen survived the Hunger Games already, and more importantly so did Peeta. Who could ever want more? But Katniss's life is now even worse than it was before the games. Ever since she and Peeta dared to commit suicide in the Games by eating those poisonous berries, the Capitol is angry. The districts are in rebellion, and it's all Katniss and Peeta's fault. To make things even worse, they have to go on a victory tour to all 12 districts, where the people secretly hate them for killing their people. On top of that, Peeta has been ignoring her, and so has Gale. Katniss is all alone. With the rebellions going on, are they all on Katniss's side? Are they here to take down the Capitol? Read this book for the most AMAZING twist you never saw coming...
Seriously, I was about to die when the book changed completely. I had read over the paragraph again and again to make sure I read it right. I was like, "Is this really happening? What's going to happen?" This is probably one of the few books where I had NO IDEA how it was going to be resolved. I like books like that. Actually, I love books like that! Not to mention the killer cliff-hanger at the end of the story! I was like, "Please let there be one more page, don't let it end here." Well, at least Mockingjay is already out!
Katniss was as real as ever before, she was one of the few characters I've read that actual were more like a real person, not just some words. She had feeling and was written so well, I have to give some hat's off to Suzanne Collins. Peeta was more or less the same.
I thought the beginning was a little slow, but that was BEFORE the big twist, which actually comes in pretty early. After that, non stop action and page after page of not knowing what's going to happen next. This book is unpredictable.
Stars: 6 out of 5
Status: MUST READ! (Of course, before you read the first one, The Hunger Games)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Iron Thorn

Hey! I've been a fast reader lately! I just finished The Iron Thorn by Catilin Kittredge and I really liked it! I'm currently reading Catching Fire now, review coming soon!
In the city of Lovecraft, virus is around. And it's deadly too. Anyone who catches the virus, from any of the magical creatures in the city of Lovecraft, goes mad. And anyone who's mad can only end up in the many of mad houses. Proctors rule the town and anyone who doesn't obey their rules can only be faced with doom. For Aoife Grayson this disease is especially important. Why? Aoife's entire family has gone mad as soon as they turn 16, and Aoife has a birthday coming up. Aoife's mother is already mad and so is her brother, Conrad. But when Conrad sends Aoife a letter telling her to save herself, Aoife is hoping that Conrad hasn't completely lost his mind. Read this captivating story about Aoife and how far she will go before she turns 16.
I honestly love love this book! Ah! I really like any book that has a special government that controls people, and this book had it! I liked Aoife a lot, she was really outgoing and always stood up for what she believed in. But my favorite character was Dean, :), a guy that Aoife and her friend Cal meet. I really love any guy who's nice in any book, but Dean was amazing :). Despite the longness of this book, I wasn't really ever bored. The problem and conflict was addressed before I was bored and pretty early into the book, which I loved. I also liked the sort of fantasy-ish edge to the book, with the nightjar creatures that lurked the city of Lovecraft and stuff. Even the cover of this book is amazing! Haha, anyways, this book has it all, the adventure, the drama, the romance. You've gotta read it!
Stars: 5
Status: MUST READ!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Hunger Games

Aha! I finally finished a book! Aren't you guys so proud of me?? Yeah, you are. Anyways, I finished The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and loved it! So here's the review.
Katniss Everdeen has lived her whole life in fear of being picked for The Hunger Games. A place where you battle it out to the death with other fighters from other districts. Katniss has her name in the drawing plenty of times, more than enough to have a chance of getting chosen, but her sister, Prim, only has one, so Katniss isn't worried. It isn't until non other than her own sister Prim is chosen for the games that Katniss decides to take her place. Winning means fame and fortune, but losing means death. Katniss knows she has to win this for her sister, her friend Gale, and her mother. But can she survive the deadly Hunger Games? Read this amazing book by Suzanne Collins to find out.
I wasn't really expecting to love this book, but guess what?? I loved it! The beginning was a little slow for me but other than that, I loved it!!!! I love how courageous Katniss was and how when she set her mind to something she would follow it out. I really love books about strict goverments like Delirium and Uglies, and this book is just as good as those books! Except for Delirium, nothing tops Delirium.
Haha, anyways. I also loved how this book wasn't predictable, you never knew what was going to happen. Was Katniss going to survive? Did she have to kill anyone? Would she have to kill someone she liked? All sorts of surprises. Overall, this book is AMAZING!
Stars: 5
Status: Must Read!
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