Sunday, October 24, 2010

WORD For Teens: Cast Your Villian

Ok guys, I'm entering a giveaway from WORD for Teens, all I have to do is say my favorite villain! Anyways, if you win you not only get a copy of "The Body Finder", but an advaced readers copy of the sequel "Desires of the Dead"!

Here's my favorite villain.

Villain: Nora Grey from Hush Hush.
Cast: I would probably have Anna Kendricks play this part, I really don't know why.
Why: Well, first of all, I know what you're thinking, Nora is NOT a villain. Yes, I know, but I think in Hush Hush she was really fighting with herself. If you've read Hush Hush, then you probably know that Nora doesn't really like her new friend, Patch, but at te same tine, she loves him. So I think Part of Nora was really fighting with herself trying to figure out if Patch wasgood enough or not.

If you are going to join this giveaway just comment on this post and I will give you the link.
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