Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dead is So Last Year

Ok, so I'm pretty bummed out right now. Why? Because I checked my blog stats and I have only gotten 1 view on my blog for the past week. And I'm pretty sure that one view was me. But, since I am very optimistic (not really...) I am still going to do a review today. This one is about Dead is So Last Year by Marlene Perez. This book is the 3rd in the Dead Is series.
Daisy already has a lot on her mind. First, when she comes back from her vacation in Italy, she finds that her boyfriend, Ryan has changed a lot. He cut his hair, has started to work out, and seems to have grown a full foot. And then there's the fact that there have been mysterious werewolves hanging around town. And lets not forget the way Ryan's best friend, Sean, has been acting. When there is doubles of people seen around town, Daisy has to add this to her list of mysteries and is even more shocked when she spots her dad in town, who had dissapeared 6 years ago. Daisy has to figure this all out without the help of her mother, who is still in Italy, and most importantly find out what's been going on with Sean.
Sorry about the short summary there, I've been doing a lot of those lately. But first let me tell you that this book was a lot like the last Dead Is book I read. It was very predictable. I knew what was going on all along and I guess that it kind of bothered me that I knew what was going on but Daisy didn't. Other than that, I liked this book. It was really funny, too. Like this sentence, "Ryan had always been one of the hottest guys in school, but he had gone supernova ever since I'd left for vacation." I thought this sentence was hilarious and so clever! Of course I loved Ryan too, even though he wasn't involved in this book as much as the others. He was still very caring and thoughtful. The only thing that bothered me was that when Daisy saw her father, (if it even was her father) she didn't run up to him or start crying or anything. I mean, after six years all you can say is "Dad?"? But I guess she was just making sure that the guy really was her father instead of a double, just as other people had been seen in double across town. Other than those annoying things, and one hilarious sentence, this book is a good read and shouldn't be missed.

Stars: 4
Status: Must Read
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