100 Book Challenge:

What: Try to read 100 books in the course of 30 days.
When: December 1- 31.
How To Enter: Just post a comment on this post stating the title of the challenge, your name, and your blog address if you have one.

Giveaway By Katie's Amazing Book Reviews:

What: If you win, you can get a copy of the book City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.
When: Ends October 31st.
How To Enter: Just click here.

Favorite Book: 

What: Tell me your favorite book and why and I will review that book.
When: Ends November 30th.
How To Enter: Click here.

Narnia Contest: 

What: You can win the book, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
When: December 8-31
How to Enter: Click here.  

Happy Holidays Challenge:

What: Read as many holiday books as you can by Christmas day.
When: December 10-25
How to Enter: Click here. 

2011 Challenge:

What: Info on post.
When: January 1-March 1, 2011.
How to Enter: Click here. 

2011 Debut Author Challenge: 

What: Info at
When: Starting 2011 ends 2012
How to Enter: Click here. 


  1. 100 books Challenge

    Name: Kiwi
    Blog address:


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