Friday, February 4, 2011

Whatever Happened to Janie

So I'm really pumped right now, because we have our second school party today! Yay! Haha, but before that, I gotta do a review. This book is by Caroline B. Cooney and its pretty much an oldie. Published in 1993! But, it is the sequel to The Face on the Milk Carton, so I decided to read it.
Janie Johnson found her face on the back of a milk carton, she's a missing child. She finds out that the family she's been living with all her life isn't actually her biological family. But how could she ever love anyone else but her current parents? They're loving and fun and caring. But when Janie makes a call to her real parents stating that she's alive, they insist on her going home. So Janie leaves her whole entire life behind, even her name. It turns out her real name is Jennie Spring. But how can she be a Spring and a Johnson at the same time? How can she love these strangers who she's supposed to call mom and dad? How can she forget the life that she left behind? If Janie likes the Springs, the Johnson's will be jealous, if Janie likes the Johnson's then that would mean hurting her biological parents. Whatever will Janie do?
I have to admit, I was kind of hoping for more in this book. The first one, The Face on the Milk Carton, was wayyy better, but this was still ok. I know that Janie would feel like a complete stranger in the Spring house, but she wasn't even trying to be nice. She refused to call them mom and dad, she didn't hug them, and she said I love you to the Johnson's purposely in front of them. I was like, "Can't you even try? They thought you were dead for 13 years!" But I guess I'd have to put myself in her position to really understand her situation. I was hoping there would be a little bit more of Reeve, Janie's boyfriend from back she was a Johnson, but he was only in it a little. But overall, this book had a very interesting plot and could grasp your attention to finish the book all the way through. If you're a fan of The Face on the Milk Carton or Caroline B. Cooney, then you gotta read this book.

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  1. Thanks! I am enjoying reading your reviews!!! I might have to check this one out!!

    Hope your having a good day!
    Tiffany @ A Cozy Reader's Corner Reviews


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