Sunday, January 30, 2011


OMG! Can you believe it??? ONE MORE DAY UNTIL DELIRIUM COMES OUT!!! I am soooooo pumped! I can't wait for everyone to read it and fall in love just like I and many others did. Seriously guys, if you don't go and buy Delirium tomorrow you're crazy. No joke. So go and buy it tomorrow!!!
Don't forget to also read Lauren Oliver's other book called Before I Fall.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


So I haven't had like ANY time to read this week, so that's why I haven't been on. But I do have a problem, I NEED to buy a new hair straightener! And I can't decide on what brand to buy!!! I mean, there's CHI and Revlon and Conair and I have no idea what to choose from! Chi's are really expensive so scratch that. But the cheap ones suck! Someone help me choose please!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dead is So Last Year

Ok, so I'm pretty bummed out right now. Why? Because I checked my blog stats and I have only gotten 1 view on my blog for the past week. And I'm pretty sure that one view was me. But, since I am very optimistic (not really...) I am still going to do a review today. This one is about Dead is So Last Year by Marlene Perez. This book is the 3rd in the Dead Is series.
Daisy already has a lot on her mind. First, when she comes back from her vacation in Italy, she finds that her boyfriend, Ryan has changed a lot. He cut his hair, has started to work out, and seems to have grown a full foot. And then there's the fact that there have been mysterious werewolves hanging around town. And lets not forget the way Ryan's best friend, Sean, has been acting. When there is doubles of people seen around town, Daisy has to add this to her list of mysteries and is even more shocked when she spots her dad in town, who had dissapeared 6 years ago. Daisy has to figure this all out without the help of her mother, who is still in Italy, and most importantly find out what's been going on with Sean.
Sorry about the short summary there, I've been doing a lot of those lately. But first let me tell you that this book was a lot like the last Dead Is book I read. It was very predictable. I knew what was going on all along and I guess that it kind of bothered me that I knew what was going on but Daisy didn't. Other than that, I liked this book. It was really funny, too. Like this sentence, "Ryan had always been one of the hottest guys in school, but he had gone supernova ever since I'd left for vacation." I thought this sentence was hilarious and so clever! Of course I loved Ryan too, even though he wasn't involved in this book as much as the others. He was still very caring and thoughtful. The only thing that bothered me was that when Daisy saw her father, (if it even was her father) she didn't run up to him or start crying or anything. I mean, after six years all you can say is "Dad?"? But I guess she was just making sure that the guy really was her father instead of a double, just as other people had been seen in double across town. Other than those annoying things, and one hilarious sentence, this book is a good read and shouldn't be missed.

Stars: 4
Status: Must Read

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Lately I've been reading a lot of Net Galley books, so here's another one! This one is called Populazzi. To be honest, I didn't fall in love with this book. I really wanted to, but I didn't. But that doesn't mean that someone else can like it. Anyways, here's my review. .
Cara and her friend Claudia have a plan. A plan to climb the rungs of the Populazzi ladder. What is the Populazzi? Its a social ranking where the Supreme Populazzi rule the top and rule the school. Cara has always dreamed of being the Supreme Populazzi and after moving to a new school, she finally gets her chance. To climb the rungs of the Populazzi ladder you have to start with a low ranking boyfriend, then dump him and get another boyfriend who's rank is a rung higher. So Cara does just that. But how far can she go with this? After being grounded and hated by her parents, and not to mention her best friend Archer, Cara doesn't know what to do. Can she continue climbing the ladder? Is it worth losing everything just to become Supreme Populazzi? Read the funny book to find out how Cara settles it all out.
Sorry for the short summary but that's basically what the book is about, there is other stuff that happens but I didn't want to give it away. Anyways, I'm not saying that this book was bad, because it wasn't. But it wasn't great. At least, not like other books I've read. First of all, I thought the plot was kind of pointless, but still made you want to read. Second of all, at certain points I wanted to yell at Cara: WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? Because at some points she was being so stupid. But I guess that's the whole point because in the end she did suffer some great consequences. The other thing I didn't like was all the weird stuff, which I'm not going to explain but if you read the book you'll understand what I mean. But let me tell you what I loved, I LOVED Archer and his relationship with Cara, I really loved it. I wish there was more of them in the book but that's ok. CARA+ARCHER=AWESOMENESS! Haha, ok enough of that. Other than that everything else in the book was pretty normal for me, nothing that said "Wow! Now there's something that I'll wanna read again!" So yeah, this book was an ok read for me. If you want to find out if its good for yourself stop by Net Galley and read it!
Stars: 3.5
Status: If you wanna read

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sorry I haven't been on guys, I have a lot of homework for school and a bunch of tests and what not. So yeah, sorry! But I did read an amazing book. And I really mean amazing. This book will change your view of everything, it will make you think about it every second of the day and every day of the week. It's that good! I mean, I'm still thinking about this book! This is by far, THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ! And, (I'm sorry to say this because I really like these books,) this book was better than The Body Finder, Prada and Prejudice, or any other book I have ever read IN MY LIFE! Ugh guys if you don't read this I swear, you are missing out on the most spectacular book ever!!! By the way this book is a Net Galley book but its due for publication in February, I have the countdown widget on my sidebar if you're looking for the exact day.
Lena lives in a different world from us. A world full of cruelty, not that anyone knows. You see, in Lena's world there is a deadly disease, a disease that cannot be cured once you have it unless you get surgery. Would you guess what that disease is? It's called love. That's right, in Lena's world love is a disease. And when everyone turns 18 they have to get cured from love, never able to feel it again. There is also a border surrounding the US, where no one can go out and no one can go in. There are guards everywhere making sure that girls and boys don't interact. They can't talk, or even be close to each other. Not unless its your pair. When your 18 and cured you get paired with another cured person and you get married. But you have no say whatsoever in who it is. Not that it would matter, you can't feel love anyways. Love is a disgrace, if you have it you get killed. You also can't listen to any music that hasn't been approved by the government, so basically every kind of music is illegal. Now here's what happens in the story, Lena meets a guy who's name is Alex. And guess what? They fall in love. But how can you be in love in a place where love is a deadly disease, and whoever catches it has to be killed? Read this book to find out what Alex and Lena do, with Lena's surgery for being cured is only weeks away and Lena wants to do anything to delay it. Will Alex and Lena be able to stay together, or will Lena be cured and paired with someone else? READ THIS BOOK!
I am not kidding when I say this book is the best book I have ever read. I know I've said this a lot, but I'm being serious. I couldn't put this book down, at all. I had to keep reading and reading and reading and reading until the very end. This book made me cry and laugh and hold on to the edge of my seat and crossing my fingers to see what would happen next. I love Lena's character sooo much, one because she shares the same birthday as me, she's the same height as me, AND she loves running, just like me! So yeah, I love Lena. And who wouldn't love Alex? He's so sweet and nice and is totally against the world they are living in, and he isn't afraid to show it. This book's plot was the most incredible thing I have ever read, it was the first book that captured my heart from the very first sentence, which only shows how much more incredible it was. The ending was incredible too and I am soooo going to buy the second book once it comes out, I couldn't live without buying it! Over all, this is THE MOST INCREDIBLE AMAZING AWESOMEST MOST TOUCHING AND HEART WARMING BOOK EVER WRITTEN! That doesn't convince you enough? Go and read it for yourself!!!
Stars: 10 out of 5!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Arrivals

Hey, just here to tell you guys about some books you should really read, AND some books that are coming out soon and you should DEFINITELY check out.
First, here's the books that are already out but you should definitely check out:
Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard
The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting
Wings by Aprilynne Pike
For more great books check out my Favorite Books Page.
Here are the books that are coming out this year. 
Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Unthinkable by Shirley Duke
Desires of the Dead By Kimberly Derting
 Illusions by Aprilynne Pike
Dead is Not An Option by Marlene Perez
100 Candles By Mara Purnhagen

There is also the second book from the Heist Society series, also by Ally Carter. It is called Uncommon Criminals.

Well, I'm sure I just missed a bunch of books, but there you go guys!
Happy reading!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dead is A State of Mind

Happy Sunday! Haha, no school tomorrow for me which means more time for reading!!! I'm currently reading Delirium which is a Net Galley book but its due for publication in February, so be sure to check that out. But I finished Dead is A State of Mind! Here is the review of the book by Marlene Perez.
Daisy finally has her physic powers, even if she's not exactly able to control them. But just when she thought all these paranormal cases in the town of Nightshade were over, some things go wrong in town again. First there's the weird ghost that's been causing disturbances in town, making stuff break and making eerie noises. And then there's the fact that Ryan, her new boyfriend hasn't been paying much attention to her and seems to be holding his own secret. Oh, and let's not forget the gorgeous new guy in town, Duke Sherrard, with his charming accent and seemingly interested personality in Daisy. Did I mention Duke thinks he's a fortune teller? Daisy's a little skeptical about that. But what about that teacher Duke predicted was going to die? And then did? Of course there's also those mysterious werewolf attacks in Nightshade. Daisy is determined to put this puzzle together and figure things out, and maybe figure out what's going on with this Duke Sherrard. And maybe find out why Ryan is hanging out with another girl? Daisy and her physic powers go on a fun adventure to put the pieces back together and solve this paranormal mystery.
Even though I liked the first book better, this book was good too. The only thing that bothered me was how Daisy kept on ignoring Ryan and didn't give him a chance to explain himself. But I guess that's just the nature of the book. I thought that the culprit of the book was really predictable, unfortunately. I mean I knew who it was and I knew what Ryan was hiding way before even Daisy did. For those matters, this book didn't appeal to me much but was still a good read. I'm hoping that the next book, Dead is So Last Year is going to be better than this one.
Daisy was a good character, full of humor and always looking out for her sister. She's a little impatient with Ryan, but it's kind of the whole point of the book I guess. The plot of this book was better than the last book because it was a little more complicated, with all the new characters, (werewolves, Duke, Ryan's friend). The ending was really really good I have to say, it even made me cry a little!
All in all, as predictable as this book is, its very good.
Stars: 4
Status: Must Read

Friday, January 14, 2011

Stylish Blog Award!

So I got this thing called the Stylish Blog Award, and to collect it I need to give it to 15 other people and tell seven things about myself, so here it goes: BTW: You guys that won this, you have to do this too!
4. I hate hate tests :P
5. I have always wanted a pet that I could actually play with.
6. I have always wanted a twin sister.
7. And I wish I were a published author.

Here are the 15 winners of this award, congrats guys! Be sure to leave a comment! Following me would be cool too :)

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3. The Lit Express
4. Blog Online Random
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15. A Girl, Books and Other Things


Ok, so remember Wings? The book I absolutely adore? Well I just read the sequel, Spells. And even though it wasn't as extraordinary as the first one, it was definitely amazing in its own way. This is by the always awesome Aprilynne Pike, and (I'm so excited about this!) the next book is coming out in the Summer and it's called, Illusions. Yay! I can't wait! Oh and if you haven't read the first book or my review of it, this probably won't make much sense to you. Anyways, here's my review.
Laurel has been summoned to Avalon Academy for eight weeks. She never thought her life could change more drastically after that. After almost being killed by the most dangerous troll out there, Laurel has to go learn her Fall Faerie duties in order to protect her family. Oh yeah, did I mention Laurel's a faerie? Every fall she sprouts wings, or lets call them petals. Anyways, during her stay at Avalon Academy, a lot of things change. First of all, Tamani tries to get closer and closer to her, even though Laurel is currently occupied with her human boyfriend, David. But Tamani doesn't want to accept that. Not at all. And now Laurel has even more to worry about, her not working faerie skills, choosing between Tamani and David, and protecting her family. And then, they meet a mysterious women named Klea who asks David and Laurel to trust her, but how could they? Klea hunts trolls, what would she do to Laurel if she knew she was a faerie? And what happened to the sentries protecting Laurel? Why weren't they there, and why was it that this Klea woman was the one to save them? There's a lot going on in Laurel's life right now, and this time, the decision is going to be even harder than the last.
First of all, I thought the beginning of this book was kind of boring, it was basically her in Avalon, and I hated it because they never once said anything about David. So the whole time I was like, Where's David? Are you still together? Do you miss him? So yeah, not such a good beginning. And then there was Tamani trying to be all boyfriend with Laurel, so I basically hated him for that. I mean, she's with David and Tamani says is, "Oh Laurel, come to Avalon. We can be together," blah blah blah. But I guess the author wanted that, I think Aprilynne Pike wants us to choose Team David or Team Tamani. Another sort of Twilight thing. Other than the beginning, I loved the rest of the book even thought it was a little slow. But it was filled with humor and parts where I wanted to plain smack Tamani in the face. I can't wait until Illusions comes out!!!
Stars: 4
Status: In between If you wanna read and Must read.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Deadly Little Secret

Helllloooo, haha. Sorry I haven't been on in like three days, I've been busy reading books! Anyways, I recently read an amazing book by one of my favorite authors, Laurie Fauria Stolarz, and it's called Deadly Little Secret. I know I'm totally obsessed with the Blue is For Nightmares series, but I like this series sooo much better and can't wait to read the rest. This book was so good I had to stay up all night so I could finish it, I didn't want to set it down! So here's the review.
Camelia almost died three months ago after a car came reeling at her and she thought that for sure she was dead, her life changed. Because of one person, Ben Carter who comes in her rescue and pushes her out of the car's way.  And then he left. That's right, he left without a chance for Camelia to say thank you to him for saving her life, left without a name, or even a chance that she would ever see him again. Now Ben's back, three months after the accident. But he doesn't seem to remember the incident at all, at least, he's pretending not to. And there's more to it, there are secrets surround Ben's past. For starters, he supposedly killed his girlfriend by pushing her off a cliff. But no one's sure. At least not Camelia. No. The same Ben Carter who saved her life could not have killed his own girlfriend, could he?
When Ben tells Camelia that she's in danger, Camelia has her doubts. First there's Ben's mysterious past, and the fact that he doesn't seem to recall saving her, and she's supposed to believe that she's in danger and actually trust Ben in all of this? There are secrets everywhere, dangerous ones, one's that when you figure them out will make you gasp. But there's more. Camelia starts recieving packages and pictures in her mail, each of them making her more scared by the minute. Will she ever figure it all out? Will she trust Ben? Most importantly, will she figure out who this stalker with the packages is? If it's not Ben already.
This book is amazing, it has it all, the mystery, the humor, the sort of book that's just telling you, "Read me! Read me!" from the very beginning. Unlike some books I read, I was attached from the very start. It was the kind of book where you HAVE TO KEEP ON READING until you find out who the real culprit is. And then there's the lovable characters, Camelia and her circle of friends that managed to humor me to the very end of the book. So, if my saying that this book is great doesn't give you enough, go and read it for yourself!
Stars: 5
Status: Must Read 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Girls Without Bookshelve's Giveaway!!!

So this really cool blog I follow called, Girls Without Bookshelves is hosting this giveaway, where you can win a book! I am so pumped and I really really wanna win because I'm pretty low on my supply of books. Anyways, you guys have to enter! Go here. Goodluck!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Inception Review

So I saw Inception recently, and I gotta say, I LOVED IT! It was so much more than I expected, like, I thought it would just be a movie with a bunch of special effects but it actually had a plot and everything. Here's my review of this amazing movie directed by Christopher Nolan.
Cobb has a job. Inception. Almost impossible to preform. A dream in a dream in a dream. Each time you go into another dream the job gets harder and the risks get higher. But Cobb has to do this, its the only way that he can go home. So, he assembles a team of people to help him preform this task. The first person he hires is an architect, a dream architect. After his team is assembled, the architect builds a maze for each of the dream states. Why? Because, Mal, Cobb's ex-wife, is dead and in Cobb's conscience, and she's deadly. Because if she gets a hold of Cobb, Cobb could be stuck in the dream world forever. So they enter the dreams and from there a bunch of things go wrong and the adventure starts. There is wayy too much story to explain in this review, but this is the basic concept.
Its gonna seem a little confusing at the beginning, but once you watch it again or just pay attention a little more everything will make sense. This movie was sooo cool, the concept and the fact that you never knew what was going to happen. It was amazing! I was on the edge of my seat just waiting for things to resolve, but things got more complicated until the very end, which is .... actually I won't tell you. The ending is for you to find out. Go watch this movie it will be on your mind forever and change your view of whats real and whats not!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bad Girls Don't Die

Bad Girls Don't Die may have a creepy cover, but just keep on reading it! It rocks! I like this book a lot, it was scary at just the right level! Here's the review.
Alexis and has pink hair, she's different. And she pretty much thinks that her sister is the weirdest kid on the block. Once Alexis see's a strange light in her backyard, the creepiness starts. First of all, Kasey, her sister, starts showing up at weird places and her eyes turn green. Then their father gets into an accident, and they figure out someone had cut the brakes in their car. And guess who Alexis thinks is the culprit? *****. You'll have to read the book to find out the name. Soon Alexis finds out that maybe Kasey isn't the sweet little girl any more, maybe she's possessed. Kasey isn't herself anymore, and even though I didn't tell you much, let me tell you, you have got to read this book!!
I LOVE this book :), it has the scary parts and the funny parts and the parts that make you say, "Don't do it don't do it!" And then it happens and you can't wait until the end of the book when you fix all the problems. So go and read this book!
Stars: 4.5
Status: Must Read

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dead is the New Black

Dead is the New Black by Marlene Perez. I really like this book, like really good! Its short and yet it was really good! There's more to the series and I have already read Dead is A State of Mind and can't wait for the next one. Here's the review.
Daisy has a complicated life. First of all she's the only non physic in her whole entire family, and she has no idea what happened to her dad. Imagine, your whole family has some sort of power, and you: nothing. Soon, several girls from school are in danger and each of them seem to have the life sucked out of them. Daisy suspects a vampire is on the loose, and lets not forget Samantha, who has been dressing up as a vampire, kinda suspicious huh? Then there's Ryan Mendez, who decides to help Daisy figure out what's happening to the girls at the school, who also seems to want to be something more than just a partner in crime with Daisy. And then there's the already dead girl, with the white streak in her hair that seems to be everywhere. Soon several other girls on the cheerleading team are going sick, and Daisy wonders who might be next. There's also the mysterious bracelet Samantha has given to everyone, is Samantha out to get everyone? Is she the vamp? Daisy and Ryan set out to solve this mystery. And along the way Daisy just may find something else too.
I didn't really know what to expect from this book but I really really liked it. I mean, it had the humor, the romance, the adventure and crime, and everything paranormal. I really loved Daisy, she's such a lovable character. Overall this is a really good book, way to go Marlene Perez!
Stars: 5
Status: Must Read

My Book : )

Ok, so remember NaNoWriMo? Yeah, well since I finished my 50,000 I got to have my novel printed in paperback from and it arrived today! I am so happy!!! Anyways, there's still some errors in the grammar and what not, but who cares, MY BOOK IS HERE!!! I am so happy!!! My book is called Jolt by the way. Haha, have a great day guys! Bye!
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