Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Only the Good Spy Young: 5th Review

Okay, I just KNOW you have all heard of the Gallagher Series. I mean, they rock! You'd be a fool not to read it. They're absolutely amazing and keep you engaged throughout the book. Personally, I think the ending of the book was a little abrupt. Because it leaves you hanging, and sadly, this book is the last of the series. Though, Ally Carter is writing a different series, and the first installment is called: Heist Society, another very good book, but as we all know, they can never be as excellent as the ones before. But, Only the Good Spy Young was as good as the ones before, because their were so many mysteries, questions, and surprising twists that you could never set the book down until you read the very last page. (Which I recommend not doing). Anyways, enough of me, lets get to the book.

     Cammie Morgan has already been almost kidnapped by a dangerous group called the Circle of Cavan, and now, even when she thought things couldn't get any different, or any more complicated, they do. Cammie is on vacation with her best friend, Bex, and her parents, and right when everything was perfect, when nothing could go wrong, one of her most trusted, loved (and hated), and most surprising allies turns out to be... well, bad. Cammie can't believe that this person (who I am not going to name, since that would result in spoiling the book) is a double-agent, it just can't be true. Though everyone she talks to claim to say that the "double agent" is in fact bad. Over that, Cammie no longer knows if she can trust Zach, he's been showing up everywhere and seems to have no explanation for it whenever Cammie asks. And now, the new teacher at the Gallagher Academy seems to be hiding something too. Everything has changed over the few months of break since Cammie's last semester, maybe too much. Cammie has so many questions, no answers, and now she learns of a shocking secret about the "double agent" that makes her believe that maybe, just maybe, he really is bad.
      Cammie is torn between answers, if you want to find out who the "double agent" is, then you better read this book, its sure to leave you shocked. 
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