Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Lipstick Laws

Whats up everybody? Having a good day? I hope you are, because I have been having a very tiring day. I've been wanting to sleep allll dayyy longgg. Anyways... Here's the most recent book I've read: The Lipstick Laws by Amy Holder. Thankfully, this book was much better than the last book from this genre I read, called Populazzi.
April has a secret. She stuffs her bra with tissues. She knows that if this secret ever got out, her life would be ruined. Her social life. April has always wanted to be one of the popular crowd, and when she lends her lip gloss to Britney in the girls locker room, it seems as though she has gotten her wish. Things start out good at first, people started noticing her, and most importantly, the new kid, Matthew Brentwood noticed her. But everything changes when Britney asks her to sign the Lipstick Laws. When she signs, she must tell Britney all her secrets, listen to Britney all the time, base her decisions on all Britney, and much more! Things go very very wrong when April makes a mistake and the sabotage starts. Will April make it through the year as Britney does everything to ruin her life? Will Matt Brentwood ask her to the spring formal, or will Britney crush that too? Read this fantabulous, funny book to read all of April's adventures.
At first, I thought I would hate this book. I thought it would be everything that it wasn't. Thankfully, as I read on, the book got better and better. Things twisted and changed and everything went wrong, until the end of course. I liked April's character a lot, she wasn't very stereotypical, she was herself in every way, and I liked that. Matt was pretty cool too, even though he wasn't in the story much, he was also secretly known as Mr. Hottie-Body-Brentwood, which I thought was the BEST NICKNAME EVER. Lol, anyways... This book was filled with humor, some parts when I just had to stop reading and just plain out start laughing. There was also an amazing plot, things were going right and then BAM! Disaster. I like it when books are unexpectable, and this book was exactly that. So if you're looking for a good ol' popularity rivalry read, this book is definitely the one for you.
Stars: 4
Status: If you like this type of book, then read it. 
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