Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Ok, so it isn't the new year yet, but it will be soon! So have a great day everyone, happy last day of 2010 to be exact!
P.S. Be sure to enter my 2011 Challenge

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Challenge

Hello there! I am hosting another challenge, it starts officially at the start of the 2011 year. I hope you guys do join because not many have for my other challenges, so please do join, if their are no contestants there will be no prize! I won't tell you what the prize is because I hope it will make you wanna join!
Here are the rules:
1. You have to post on your blog that you are doing this challenge and put a link to this page in your post.
2. You have to be a follower.
3. You have to be in the US. 

You can choose whichever challenge you want, but no more than two challenges. The challenge will end March 1st. Here are the challenges.

Challenge 1: Read all the books by the author, Laurie Faria Stolars. You will have to read all of them by March 1st just like the other challenges.
Challenge 2: Read 7 books that you have never heard of, that's right, pick 7 random books in the genre of your choice and read them!
Challenge 3: Read 7 books that have more than 200 pages.
Challenge 4: Read 7 books in the genre, Mystery.

I will pick a random winner out of whoever participated and suceeded in their challenge. Once you finished your challenge you will need to email me at stating that you have finished. I hope your honest!
Good luck!


This book is ok, I have to say. But I didn't really like, but since I realized I haven't done any reviews on books I don't like I decided to do it. So here ya go. This book is by Paula Morris.
The last thing on Rebecca's mind was to go to New Orleans and live with her strange aunt, its not that she was strange really, she was just obsessed with voodoo. Rebecca's aunt warns her not to go into the cemetery outside their house, but when your told not to do something, well, its really tempting to go and do it. So Rebecca sneaks out one night and see's a girl who helps her avoid the group of popular people who were hanging out in the cemetery. Soon Rebecca finds out that the girl, Lisette, wasn't just any girl, she was a ghost. Rebecca soon goes out to the cemetery to see Lisette and listens to her story. Then she finds out about Lisette's death and what it has to do with one of the most popular girls at school. I read this book a while ago so I don't really remember much more, but this was an ok book like I said.
What annoyed me most was that the book was written in third person. I don't know why that bothered me but it did, I have read very good books in 3rd person like The Body Finder and Wings, but this one just didn't appeal to me very well. Other than that I found the book kind of boring until the very end when everything was solved, so I kind of forced myself to finish it thinking, It's going to get better, I guess it did, but only in the very end.

Stars: 2.5
Status: If you wanna read it


I didn't really think I would like this book. I mean, come one, faeries? Totally childish. But boy was I wrong, I really really really loved this book! So much that I read it in one day, something I never do with books because I always get bored with them. But this book was amazing! The author of it is Aprilynne Pike and she also has the 3rd book in the series coming out in a couple months.
Laurel is a new student in Crecent City, she hated it. Most of it at least, until a guy walks up to her and introduces himself. That's when everything starts. Laurel becomes better and better friends with the guy, David, and soon she wonders if they're something even more. Then she notices a strange bump on her back, the next week the bump is gone but it is replaced by petals. That's right, huge giant petals that grow out of her back. Once she figures this out she goes back to her old house and into the land that her mother wants to sell, there she meets Tamani, who develops some feelings for her. Tamani tells her who she really is, or more, what she is. Laurel finds out some shocking secrets and with the help of David, go on an adventure trying to save her mother's land. I can't tell you more, it would give away too much. But as stupid as this sounds, YOU HAVE TO READ IT
I really liked David, he was really nice. And I liked Laurel too, I can't really tell you why but I liked everyone in this story. It was just that good. Anyways, this amazing amazing book is a MUST MUST read because it will make you want more. I swear I hated it when I finished it because I didn't want it to end, that's how good it was.
Stars: 5 out of 5

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trance (New Feature)

I'm gonna do this new thing on my reviews, I'm going to rate the book/movie out of five stars. Just so you guys know what I really thought of it, and I will also be giving a status of- must read, if you wanna read, or leave it, and some other stuff. I may change my mind on doing it sometime, but for now its good.
Ashlyn has a gift. She can see the future, at least glimpses of it. The only problem is, she can't control it. It could happen at any time and she will go into the trance. There's also another problem, the guilt. Ashlyn has a sister, Kyra. A couple months ago Kyra had seen a trance and had told Ashlyn that someone was in danger. Ashlyn ignored it and then...someone died. Her mom. In a car accident. And guess who was driving? Ashlyn. She should have listened to her sister, should have obeyed her, but it was too late. Now Ashlyn is living with the guilt and now she has more trances, only she needs her sister to put the pieces together. But ever since their mother's death Kyra had disappeared. But the trances kept getting worse and worse and Ashlyn knows she has to find her sister. And then there's the number, numbers she writes down when she's in a trance. But that do they mean? She doesn't know. Ashlyn meets two people in the middle of all this, Gina, who helps her with a lot more than she thought, and Jake, who... well, you'll have to read it to find out. Can Ashlyn find her sister and put this all together? Can she figure out the trances and save whoever's life is in danger? Read this amazing book by Linda Gerber to find out.

I really like this book, a lot. Everything about it was just perfect. There was no unnecessary sentences or pages that bored you. There was also things that came up that made you read until the very end to see what happens, overall i couldn't set the book down. I also loved the characters, Jake, Gina, Michelle, all of them. I especially loved Ashlyn because she loves running and track like I do. There's a little conflict between Ashlyn and her dad, which only made the book more intresting. Overall a very good read.
Stars: 5 out of 5
Status: Must Read

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY ADORE THIS BOOK! Haha, ok this book is ah-mazing and I am practically in love with it. Although it may not be as good as the brilliant The Body Finder, but for a book of different genre its awesome! I can't really tell you much but that the beginning was a little slow, but after that you just can't put it down! Here's the summary of the book.
     Frankie Landau Banks changed a lot over the summer, so much that half of the male population at Alabaster doesn't even recognize her. Even the always adorable Matthew Livingston. I can't really tell you anything about the rest of the book because it will give away soooo much, but lets just say Frankie meets a certain boy and starts going out with him and meets his friends who are absolutely awesome! But then she figures out a secret about them, whether its good or bad find out for yourself. Anyways, you have to read this book to find out what happens, I love love love love this book! Although the review quite dissapointing in telling you about the book, but I did it for your own good, your gonna have to love it for yourself! Have a good last week of the 2010 year, and go have some good reads!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 Debut Author Challenge

So I'm gonna participate in the 2011 Debut Author Challenge, hosted by The Story Siren and I am so excited! Yes, I'm a newbie but I know it'll be great and I'm gonna have so much fun! Ok, so here's the list of books I want to read for it.

1. Unhearthly
2. Rival
3. Liar Society
4. Unlocked
5. The Lipstick Laws
6. Awaken
7. Forgotten
8. A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie
9. Bad Taste in Boys
10. Dark Parties
11. Epic Fail
12. Half Blood

I don't think I'm gonna be able to finish these but its worth a try!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Hello, happy holidays everybody! By the way, you guys should go watch Tron Legacy! Haha, I'm being weird. Ciao.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


WHOA! Haha, ok so Kimberly Derting, (the author of The Body Finder) is having a contest!!! If you win you get an ARC (advanced readers copy) of the new book Desires of the Dead!!! i am so excited! Enter here: click here. Go and enter!

Tron Legacy Review

So the day winter break started I saw one of the greatest movies in the history of the world, TRON LEGACY!!! It was sooooooooooo good I loved it! And the main character, Sam, was pretty awesome too, ; ). Here's what the movie is about.
Sam Flynn's dad worked at the arcade, he went there every night to work and came back the next day. One day, he goes to work and mysteriously disappears. Sam, who was young at the time runs away from his grandparents, having no mother and goes off on his own. He is determined to find his dad. Years later, when Sam is 27, Alan, an old friend comes to Sam saying there had been a page from Sam's dad's office. Sam then goes to the arcade and enters the world of Tron, a cyber universe filled with lights and Programs. Programs were the virtual people in the world of Tron, Sam was a user, being a human. Sam then goes and disc battles some Programs until one of the guards takes him away to their ruler, C.L.U. Clu had been Sam's dad's copy of himself, a replica, just not as nice. Sam then has to light cycle with Clu, and just as he's about to lose Quora comes in and saves him. And who does she take him to? Sam's dad.
Sam knows they have to leave the world of Tron, the portal would close in 8 hours. But if they entered the Grid then Clu would find them and take Sam's dad's disc. Everyone in the world of Tron has a disc you see, its kind of like their memory. Find their disc, find everything they have ever done. So everyone is looking for Sam's dad's disc. I can't tell you anymore now, you'll have to watch the movie yourself, but the movie is wayyyyy better than it sounds. It's amazing! You'll truly be missing something spectacular if you don't watch it, so go!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

: )

Ok, so guess what??? 1 MORE DAY UNTIL SCHOOLS OUT! For 16 days at least...but still! I'm so excited to just take a break from school, because it is soooo tiring sometimes! Don't you agree? Anyways, I can't wait until school's out tomorrow and I can go home, and sleep! What are you guys going to do during winter break? Any vacations, any special plans? I think I'm going to finish editing my novel, which is going to take a while but once I finish its going to feel awesome. 1 MORE DAY GUYS! Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Letters to Juliet

So I just saw this AMAZING movie yesterday, and its called Letters to Juliet. Its one of my favorite movies ever now! I'll have to add it to my Favorite Movies page. Anyways, if you haven't seen this movie yet go and check it out, you'll love it. Amanda Seyfried, Chris Egan, and Vanessa Redgrave star in this fabulous movie.

Sophie is a fact checker, she checks facts. A boring job and not exactly her dream job either. Sophie's a writer and she also has this crazy fiance who she's going on a pre-honeymoon on to Verona, Italy. On their honeymoon Victor goes sightseeing while Sophie's all alone in the city. That is, until she finds a letter. A letter written 50 years ago from a woman named Claire stating that she had- wait, that's a spoiler. Ok, so there was a letter. Anyways, Sophie decides to and answer this letter and guess who shows up? Charlie. Claire's grandson. Together with Claire they go on an amazing, romantic, hilarious adventure over Italy searching for Claire's long lost love. I won't say anything else, it will basically ruin the whole thing. But let me just tell you I LOVE Charlie and the end of the movie is pretty sweet. Sophie is amazing too because she's a writer and I am too so it was really cool to see that in the movie. Claire is amazing also, even though she's old she's pretty awesome. Charlie is well... Charlie, but he's hilarious to watch throughout the movie, especially at the end. So go and watch this movie, its sooo good! Haha, really go and watch it. : ) Ciao!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Must Read Weekly

So I'm doing this new thing called MUST READ and its basically just every Friday, (since the every Sunday thing didn't exactly work out) I will give the name of a book that is a MUST READ and that I need to read and so do you. This week, the MUST READ book is...

                                                Death By Bikini by Linda Gerber
That's all there is for this week's MUST READ, see ya next week!

Happy Holidays Challenge!!!

I am hosting another challenge guys!!! Ok, well first of all, you have to follow my blog to participate, second of all, its a very simple challenge. All you have to do is read the most Christmas or holiday related books by Christmas day. (At least, as much as you can or want.)  That's it! Now, if you want to participate just fill out the form by this post and your in! After that, you can email me your list of books that you have read to:  Anyways, yeah I know its stupid but you guys should try it, you might win a book or maybe something else along with it! Thanks, and Happy Holidays!!!
Here are the official rules or information about this challenge:
1. Fill out the form by this post.
2. Post on your blog about this challenge and put a link to this challenge in your post.
3. Read your books.
4. Email me.
5. Wait to see if your a winner!
RULES: You must be in the United States, so I'm sorry, but this is not open to anyone outside of the US. You must follow my blog. You must post a link of this challenge on your blog. No purchase necessary, haha!

Heist Society

Hi there : ) ! So today I'm going to do a actual review on the book Heist Society. I haven't really explained what I like about books so I'm going to really tell you guys what I think about this book. Heist Society is an ah-mazing book written by the same, brilliant author, Ally Carter from the Gallagher Girl Series. Read it!!!

Katrina Bishop doesn't have the typical father. Not even the not-so-typical that you would expect any other teenager to say. No, her dad is seriously different. He's a thief. He steals paintings. And guess who is the suspect after a recent couple of paintings stolen? That's right, Katrina's dad.
But Kat knows it wasn't her dad who stole those paintings. And it just so happens the person that owns the paintings is Kat's dad's rival. When Kat finds out where the paintings are she and her friends assemble a team and they go on an adventurous hunt to steal back those paintings. But they have a deadline, and they have to reach it in time, or else. This amazing/adventurous/awesome/funny/- well, you get the idea- book is a MUST READ.
I really loved Kat's relationship with her friend, who shall not be named. And also, the jealousy he got when Kat started liking someone else, or so he thought she liked him. Anyways, I also really loved how you had to read until the very end to see if Kat and her friends reached their deadline or not. The book never bored you, but it made you laugh, gasp and smile all throughout. There's also a shocking secret at the end. I also loved Kat's dad, who was very nice and it all reminded me of the Gallagher Girl Series, which trust me, is a good thing. This book is really good, and I'm pretty sure there's going to be a second one coming out which I am super pumped for!!! So, if you have read any of Ally Carter's books, or haven't, READ THIS BOOK!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Narnia Contest!!!

Hey guys! Guess what??? I'm having my first contest! Well, its kind of a contest. Anyways, in honor of the new movie coming out on Friday, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader I am giving away a book. And the book is.... The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!!! Haha. Yep, I'm giving away this book.
Title: The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader Contest, or for short, Narnia Contest.

Author: C.S. Lewis

Date: December 8-25, 2010. Make sure you enter by then!!!

Prize: The book of course...

The Dawn Treader ship is seen by the people of Narnia, but it is the first ship they have seen in centuries. King Caspian built it to find the seven lords who the evil king before him, Miraz, had banished away. So Lucy, Edmund, Eustace, and Caspian go around Narnia toward Aslan's country at the End of the World on an epic journey to find the seven lords. This book is very good, and I recommend reading it before you see the movie. So if you want to enter just fill our Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post and your in!
I will pick out a random winner, good luck!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Ok everyone, guess what??? I finished NaNoWriMo!!! Yep, I reached my 50,000 words!!! Even though my novel hasn't resolved its plot yet it has reached its 50,000!!! I AM SO HAPPY! No more writing for ten hours straight!! Aren't yall proud of me??? WOOHOOOOOOOO! Here's proof!
I still can't believe it!!! Have a great day guys because I certainly am!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Justin Bieber

Guess what everybody??? Justin Bieber's new album, My World Accoustic comes out today!!! I am THE BIGGEST Justin Bieber fan you will ever find and I just HAD to post this. His new song called Pray is also in that album and the album is only at Walmart! Go and buy it, even if you don't know who Justin Bieber is I know you'l love him. Have a great Black Friday!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tron Legacy

Hello there! Haha. No review today guys, I just wanted to inform you guys of a new movie coming out on December 17th called Tron Legacy. I don't know much about it, but it looks really cool! So go out and see it if you can! Also, if you haven't seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 yet YOU ARE MISSING SOMETHING HUGE!!! Go and see it! So, remember. TRON LEGACY!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Special

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on for a long time, but I have been really busy with NaNoWriMo. But, now that I have had the time to come back on my blog, I'd like to introduce a new thing here on Saba's Awesome Reviews: The Weekly Special! Each week, probably on a Sunday, I'll be giving a special review of one of my favorite books, movies, maybe even store! This week, I have a very special on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 movie!
Harry Potter isn't going to Hogwarts this year. He's going out searching for the many Horcruxes that are scattered around the world. Each one is a part of Voldemort's soul, each one must be destroyed in order for Voldemort to die. So, Harry, Ron, and Hermione set out to find these Horcruxes. Meanwhile, Voldemort is getting stronger by the minute. Voldemort's forces are on the lookout though, so the three are never safe. I can't tell you very much, because it will give away a lot of the movie, but I just wanted to say that this is my favorite of the movies so far. It was amazing! There was humor, drama, action, everything! You have to watch it, even if you don't know anything about Harry Potter it will still be amazing! A MUST see film, I'm serious. Go and watch it, now!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As you all know I'm doing NaNoWriMo, (National November Writing Month), which is very hard work. I mean, 1667 words per day? That's a lot! So, since I'm going to be busy, I probably won't post anything on here. At all. Zipo, zero, none. Just thought you guys would like to know, : )

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hush Hush

Recently I read a book that reminded me a lot of Twilight, but let me tell you, to me, it was way better. The book is called Hush Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick. One of my favorite things about it was that you can't put it down, you have to read until the very last page. It was humorous, suspenseful, and much more.

Nora Grey was having a good school year, that is, up until they got a new seating arrangement in class. First you think, no big deal right? Wrong. Not when you have to sit next to the exchange student, Patch. He wasn't ugly, nor mean, just...weird. No, not weird, nothing was wrong with him at all, but that's not what Nora thought. His past seemed to have holes in it, he didn't have any records of his old school, or his home address in his student file, just nothing. On top of that, Nora's slowly liking him more...and more... and more. But that's the last thing she wants, not with these strange events going on. A masked man everywhere she goes, and the worst thing... Patch is always whenever she see's the man. And then there's the new kid, Elliot, who seems perfectly normal, along with his friend, Jules. Or are they normal...?
Patch has a secret, a huge one, maybe even a dark one. Read this amazing book to find out who the masked man is, and most importantly... who Patch is.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's Your Favorite Book?

Lately I've been wondering what books I should read, should I read this? Or maybe this? Or that? You know what I mean. So, I want you guys to comment on this post telling me your favorite book and why, and then I will pick the best comment that explains why they love the book, I will make sure to read it, and I will review it on here. If you have a blog, then just create a post on your blog stating your book and put a link of this post in it. I would LOVE it if you guys participated! Thanks!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Only 25 more days until Harry Potter Part 1 comes out!
November 19, 2010 in Real D 3D!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

WORD For Teens: Cast Your Villian

Ok guys, I'm entering a giveaway from WORD for Teens, all I have to do is say my favorite villain! Anyways, if you win you not only get a copy of "The Body Finder", but an advaced readers copy of the sequel "Desires of the Dead"!

Here's my favorite villain.

Villain: Nora Grey from Hush Hush.
Cast: I would probably have Anna Kendricks play this part, I really don't know why.
Why: Well, first of all, I know what you're thinking, Nora is NOT a villain. Yes, I know, but I think in Hush Hush she was really fighting with herself. If you've read Hush Hush, then you probably know that Nora doesn't really like her new friend, Patch, but at te same tine, she loves him. So I think Part of Nora was really fighting with herself trying to figure out if Patch wasgood enough or not.

If you are going to join this giveaway just comment on this post and I will give you the link.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

National November Writing Month

Hey guys! I'd like to say that I am officially entering the National Novel Writing Month contest. For all of you who don't know what it is, its a contest that starts on November 1st- November 30th. Beginning in November you are to write a 50,000 word novel about...well anything! The novel is then supposed to be finished at midnight on November 30th. I encourage you guys to enter!
Here's the website (you have to sign up before November 1st):
Hope you guys join, its my first year so if you haven't been in it before you're not alone! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prada and Prejudice

Hey everyone! Like the new look for my blog? Anyways...when you first hear the title, you think oh, Jane Austin. right? Well, this is Prada and prejudice not Pride and prejudice, and let me tell you, this is one heck of a good book.

Callie thinks she's going to have the time of her life when she goes on a school trip to England, she thinks she's going to out every night and have fun, but no, she was wrong. She is stuck inside the hotel with nothing and no one, plus her travel buddy (only the most popular girl in school) isn't going to take her anywhere. Not in her normal old flip flops and normal clothes, no, she has to wear designer brands. So Callie goes out and buys a pear of Prada shoes and hopes for the best she gets to leave the hotel tonight. But as soon as she steps outside of the shoe store she trips and falls! Even worse, when she wakes up she's not somewhere she would want to be, or more likely when she wanted to be, Callie had gone back to 1815! With nowhere to go, a girl named Emily (only the cousin of a Duke) takes her in when she mistakes her for a friend, and Callie finds herself to be in a great adventure. First, can she pose as the girl Rebecca before the real one comes along? And can she fix Emily's engagement? And can she figure out whats going on with Alex, the Duke?
You can't ever put this book down, its filled with romance, humor, and much more. Do you want to find out what happens to Callie? Will she ever return to modern day? Read Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard to find out.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hey everyone!
I am to say that I'm participating in my friend Katie's challenge! The challenge is to read a spooky book by Halloween! Here's the link to her awesome blog for more information.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Body Finder

The Body Finder, creepy title huh? Yeah well, don't judge a book by its title, ok enough of my bad jokes. The Body Finder is one of the GREATEST books I have read in a long time. Not only is it suspenseful, but funny and romantic, in a teenager way at least.

Violet Ambrose is normal in a lot of ways, she's just another girl, in another school, with another normal, teenager life. But one thing separates her from other girls at her school, better yet, anyone at all. She has a gift, a power. To sense dead bodies. From her first discovery of a girl when she was eight, to the many other findings she has later in the book. But its not only the bodies that she senses, but the people or animals that killed them. So when Violet finds a girl who had gone missing, she is destined to find out who has killed her, and many others. On top of that, Violet's trying to settle out her friendship with her best friend Jay, and try to keep away from a not so friend, Grady.
Violet not only has to deal with that though, she has to find the killer, without killing herself. And then another thought haunts her, what if the killer has another hunt coming up? What if he's hunting her?
Read this amazing thriller by Kimberley Derting.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


If you haven't read "Gone" then you are absolutely crazy. I'm serious, go and read it! I haven't finished it yet but its amazing so far! Michael Grant is one of my favorite authors now, but the book is so unique and well written I can't put it down!

Sam Temple had a normal life. Up until something changed in the normal school of Perdido Beach. Everyone disappeared. Gone, completely. Out of thin air. Everyone was gone except 14 and under and your safe, if not...then well, your gone. Now houses are catching on fire, bullies are ruling, people are trying to take charge, and food is soon about to be scarce. But even worse, people are starting to discover that they have powers. Bad powers. Powers that can kill you. And now, things are getting bad, real bad.

Sorry its short, but I'm not done with the book yet. BUT GO AND READ IT!


Ok, so we have all heard of Leanardo de Caprio right??? Yeah, I hope so.
Well, he's in this amazing movie called Inception, and its about this dude who goes into peoples dreams basically. I know its random, but GO AND SEE INCEPTION!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Only the Good Spy Young: 5th Review

Okay, I just KNOW you have all heard of the Gallagher Series. I mean, they rock! You'd be a fool not to read it. They're absolutely amazing and keep you engaged throughout the book. Personally, I think the ending of the book was a little abrupt. Because it leaves you hanging, and sadly, this book is the last of the series. Though, Ally Carter is writing a different series, and the first installment is called: Heist Society, another very good book, but as we all know, they can never be as excellent as the ones before. But, Only the Good Spy Young was as good as the ones before, because their were so many mysteries, questions, and surprising twists that you could never set the book down until you read the very last page. (Which I recommend not doing). Anyways, enough of me, lets get to the book.

     Cammie Morgan has already been almost kidnapped by a dangerous group called the Circle of Cavan, and now, even when she thought things couldn't get any different, or any more complicated, they do. Cammie is on vacation with her best friend, Bex, and her parents, and right when everything was perfect, when nothing could go wrong, one of her most trusted, loved (and hated), and most surprising allies turns out to be... well, bad. Cammie can't believe that this person (who I am not going to name, since that would result in spoiling the book) is a double-agent, it just can't be true. Though everyone she talks to claim to say that the "double agent" is in fact bad. Over that, Cammie no longer knows if she can trust Zach, he's been showing up everywhere and seems to have no explanation for it whenever Cammie asks. And now, the new teacher at the Gallagher Academy seems to be hiding something too. Everything has changed over the few months of break since Cammie's last semester, maybe too much. Cammie has so many questions, no answers, and now she learns of a shocking secret about the "double agent" that makes her believe that maybe, just maybe, he really is bad.
      Cammie is torn between answers, if you want to find out who the "double agent" is, then you better read this book, its sure to leave you shocked. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clash of the Titans: 4th Review (Spoiler Alert!)

Okay, so we've all heard of Percy Jackson. I mean, who hasn't read the Percy Jackson series? Well, that movie was for us, teens and tweens. But now, there's the movie Clash of the Titans. A story based on Perseus and the Greek gods. Now, the movie was rated best 3D movie, but best movie? I don't think so. Overall, the movie was hard to get into, and it felt short and didn't have enough plots and twists. But, even with that, its a great movie that gives you perspective on the Greek myths, legends and heroes. 
      The story starts out from the original scene of Perseus and his mother floating away on the sea in a coffin. A fisherman then finds Perseus and keeps him, though his mother had not survived. Perseus then ends up living with the fisherman and his wife. Later on, when soldiers are toppling over Zeus's statue, the statue falls over onto Perseus boat and kills his family. Outraged, Perseus from then on hates Hades, since Hades's creatures had also helped the statue fall onto their boat. Perseus then awakes after the accident in a king's palace, who, along with his kingdom, think man should rule their world, instead of the gods. Hades then shows up and shows his wrath to the king, by killing his wife. Then, Hades says to the kingdom, that he will release the Kraken in days amount of time, and if the king's daughter isn't killed by then, the Kraken will not be stopped. Perseus witnesses all of this and is soon in the company of his guardian, who tells him he is the son of Zeus and that he has to kill the Kraken. Perseus refuses and says all he wants to do is annihilate Hades, but the guardian tells him that killing the Kraken will  weaken Hades himself, since it is Hades's creature from the beginning. And from then the story goes on, from Perseus going to the three witches, and to meeting Medusa.
      Watch this spectacular movie and find out for yourself if it is worthy of being best movie.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Silver is for Secrets: 3rd Review

And I never thought this series could get any better, Laurie Stolarz writes this book even more fantastically than before. Its sure to give you chills, and keep you guessing all the way. I personally thought that this book was a little more dramatic than the last, especially in the end; but the drama makes it even better than the last books. The ending makes makes you want to sprint to the library and get the next book: Red is for Remembrance. The book never gets you bored, and throughout the whole story, you'll get even more and more questions about what is really going on.

      Stacey's taking a break off of her nightmares, her and her friends, Amber, Drea, Chad and Jacob have gone out onto the beach and rented a cabin, to take their minds off of recent happenings before the summer is over and they go off to college.
     At first, Stacey couldn't have been having more fun, but then, the nightmares return. This time, Stacey dreams of someone named Clara, who is staying a couple cabins down from theirs. Stacey knows she has to give it all her best to save Clara's life. But how is she going to tell Clara that she can see the future? (Kind of see the future). Finally, Stacey tells Clara, and she believes her surprisingly. Soon, Clara's stuff in her bedroom and cabin are being rearranged, and messages on the walls say: I'll make you pay. And not to mention the creepy photographer next door, who seems to have his own secrets. But the man next door isn't the only one hiding something, Clara has her own secrets, and now... so does Jacob. Stacey is torn between trusting Jacob, or trusting Clara.
     Read this amazing book by Laurie Stolarz, its sure to leave you shocked at the end.

Friday, August 13, 2010

White is for Magic: 2nd Review

I hope you read my first post, about Blue is for Nightmares, if you did, here is the second brilliant installment of the series: White is for Magic. The series seems to get better and better as it goes on, and this book is written beautifully and is guaranteed to entertain you throughout the story. Laurie Stolarz writes this truly brilliant series, and has more in the series that is sure to have you thrilled.

      Stacey's nightmares don't seem to be getting any better. Now, she is getting nightmares again, and even again, mysterious letters with the same message: I'm watching you... Creepy as it is, Stacey knows that she can't ignore the messages. And now, a transfer student named Jacob comes along, he says he's also getting nightmares, and about who? Non other than our very own.... Stacey. Jacob declares that Stacey is in danger, he insists on helping her. But can Jacob be trusted? And now, her relationship with her boyfriend, Chad, is getting worse, not only because of her best friend, Drea's jealousy, but because of Chad's. Since Stacey needs to get closer to Jacob to figure out whether she's really in danger, Chad is starting to get a little irritated, and as if Stacey's relationship isn't bad enough, the stalker seems to send Stacey even more messages, and now, her "death date" is getting closer and closer.

      I personally think this installment was much more intense and scary than the last,so beware readers, this book is sure to give you goosebumps. If you don't believe me, read it for yourself and find out.

Blue is For Nightmares: 1st Review

If you continue to read my blog, you'll understand that I absolutely LOVE the Blue is For Nightmares series. I mean, who wouldn't love reading about mysterious stalkers? (A lot of people). Anyways, the series is fabulous, and for this first post, its all about the first book: Blue is For Nightmares. 

      Stacey is already having a hard time at boarding school, and now... she's getting nightmares. You see, Stacey has nightmares about people dying, or really people about to die. Years ago, Stacey had a dream about a little girl named Maura, the girl who she was babysitting. In the dreams, Maura was in what seemed to be a tool shed and seemed to be in trouble. But Stacey ignored her dreams, despite the warning, and in the end... Maura died. The police found her body in a tool shed, just as Stacey had seen. She was heartbroken, and now she is determined to save anyone who appears in her nightmares.
      Now, she's dreaming about her best friend, Drea. Stacey knows that she can save Drea, and now there seems to be mysterious packages and notes from an anonymous stalker, who is also leaving them messages. Now, Stacey has only a week to save her best friend, and with the death threats and mysterious phone calls, anyone could be the stalker.
     On top of it all, Stacey gets a crush on her best friend's boyfriend, and things get complicated. Now Stacey not only has to save Drea, but also their friendship.
     Read this amazing thriller, and find out the who the real stalker is, it will blow you away.
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