Friday, August 13, 2010

Blue is For Nightmares: 1st Review

If you continue to read my blog, you'll understand that I absolutely LOVE the Blue is For Nightmares series. I mean, who wouldn't love reading about mysterious stalkers? (A lot of people). Anyways, the series is fabulous, and for this first post, its all about the first book: Blue is For Nightmares. 

      Stacey is already having a hard time at boarding school, and now... she's getting nightmares. You see, Stacey has nightmares about people dying, or really people about to die. Years ago, Stacey had a dream about a little girl named Maura, the girl who she was babysitting. In the dreams, Maura was in what seemed to be a tool shed and seemed to be in trouble. But Stacey ignored her dreams, despite the warning, and in the end... Maura died. The police found her body in a tool shed, just as Stacey had seen. She was heartbroken, and now she is determined to save anyone who appears in her nightmares.
      Now, she's dreaming about her best friend, Drea. Stacey knows that she can save Drea, and now there seems to be mysterious packages and notes from an anonymous stalker, who is also leaving them messages. Now, Stacey has only a week to save her best friend, and with the death threats and mysterious phone calls, anyone could be the stalker.
     On top of it all, Stacey gets a crush on her best friend's boyfriend, and things get complicated. Now Stacey not only has to save Drea, but also their friendship.
     Read this amazing thriller, and find out the who the real stalker is, it will blow you away.

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