Saturday, August 14, 2010

Silver is for Secrets: 3rd Review

And I never thought this series could get any better, Laurie Stolarz writes this book even more fantastically than before. Its sure to give you chills, and keep you guessing all the way. I personally thought that this book was a little more dramatic than the last, especially in the end; but the drama makes it even better than the last books. The ending makes makes you want to sprint to the library and get the next book: Red is for Remembrance. The book never gets you bored, and throughout the whole story, you'll get even more and more questions about what is really going on.

      Stacey's taking a break off of her nightmares, her and her friends, Amber, Drea, Chad and Jacob have gone out onto the beach and rented a cabin, to take their minds off of recent happenings before the summer is over and they go off to college.
     At first, Stacey couldn't have been having more fun, but then, the nightmares return. This time, Stacey dreams of someone named Clara, who is staying a couple cabins down from theirs. Stacey knows she has to give it all her best to save Clara's life. But how is she going to tell Clara that she can see the future? (Kind of see the future). Finally, Stacey tells Clara, and she believes her surprisingly. Soon, Clara's stuff in her bedroom and cabin are being rearranged, and messages on the walls say: I'll make you pay. And not to mention the creepy photographer next door, who seems to have his own secrets. But the man next door isn't the only one hiding something, Clara has her own secrets, and now... so does Jacob. Stacey is torn between trusting Jacob, or trusting Clara.
     Read this amazing book by Laurie Stolarz, its sure to leave you shocked at the end.

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