Wednesday, September 22, 2010


If you haven't read "Gone" then you are absolutely crazy. I'm serious, go and read it! I haven't finished it yet but its amazing so far! Michael Grant is one of my favorite authors now, but the book is so unique and well written I can't put it down!

Sam Temple had a normal life. Up until something changed in the normal school of Perdido Beach. Everyone disappeared. Gone, completely. Out of thin air. Everyone was gone except 14 and under and your safe, if not...then well, your gone. Now houses are catching on fire, bullies are ruling, people are trying to take charge, and food is soon about to be scarce. But even worse, people are starting to discover that they have powers. Bad powers. Powers that can kill you. And now, things are getting bad, real bad.

Sorry its short, but I'm not done with the book yet. BUT GO AND READ IT!

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