Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hush Hush

Recently I read a book that reminded me a lot of Twilight, but let me tell you, to me, it was way better. The book is called Hush Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick. One of my favorite things about it was that you can't put it down, you have to read until the very last page. It was humorous, suspenseful, and much more.

Nora Grey was having a good school year, that is, up until they got a new seating arrangement in class. First you think, no big deal right? Wrong. Not when you have to sit next to the exchange student, Patch. He wasn't ugly, nor mean, just...weird. No, not weird, nothing was wrong with him at all, but that's not what Nora thought. His past seemed to have holes in it, he didn't have any records of his old school, or his home address in his student file, just nothing. On top of that, Nora's slowly liking him more...and more... and more. But that's the last thing she wants, not with these strange events going on. A masked man everywhere she goes, and the worst thing... Patch is always whenever she see's the man. And then there's the new kid, Elliot, who seems perfectly normal, along with his friend, Jules. Or are they normal...?
Patch has a secret, a huge one, maybe even a dark one. Read this amazing book to find out who the masked man is, and most importantly... who Patch is.

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