Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tron Legacy Review

So the day winter break started I saw one of the greatest movies in the history of the world, TRON LEGACY!!! It was sooooooooooo good I loved it! And the main character, Sam, was pretty awesome too, ; ). Here's what the movie is about.
Sam Flynn's dad worked at the arcade, he went there every night to work and came back the next day. One day, he goes to work and mysteriously disappears. Sam, who was young at the time runs away from his grandparents, having no mother and goes off on his own. He is determined to find his dad. Years later, when Sam is 27, Alan, an old friend comes to Sam saying there had been a page from Sam's dad's office. Sam then goes to the arcade and enters the world of Tron, a cyber universe filled with lights and Programs. Programs were the virtual people in the world of Tron, Sam was a user, being a human. Sam then goes and disc battles some Programs until one of the guards takes him away to their ruler, C.L.U. Clu had been Sam's dad's copy of himself, a replica, just not as nice. Sam then has to light cycle with Clu, and just as he's about to lose Quora comes in and saves him. And who does she take him to? Sam's dad.
Sam knows they have to leave the world of Tron, the portal would close in 8 hours. But if they entered the Grid then Clu would find them and take Sam's dad's disc. Everyone in the world of Tron has a disc you see, its kind of like their memory. Find their disc, find everything they have ever done. So everyone is looking for Sam's dad's disc. I can't tell you anymore now, you'll have to watch the movie yourself, but the movie is wayyyyy better than it sounds. It's amazing! You'll truly be missing something spectacular if you don't watch it, so go!

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