Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dead is A State of Mind

Happy Sunday! Haha, no school tomorrow for me which means more time for reading!!! I'm currently reading Delirium which is a Net Galley book but its due for publication in February, so be sure to check that out. But I finished Dead is A State of Mind! Here is the review of the book by Marlene Perez.
Daisy finally has her physic powers, even if she's not exactly able to control them. But just when she thought all these paranormal cases in the town of Nightshade were over, some things go wrong in town again. First there's the weird ghost that's been causing disturbances in town, making stuff break and making eerie noises. And then there's the fact that Ryan, her new boyfriend hasn't been paying much attention to her and seems to be holding his own secret. Oh, and let's not forget the gorgeous new guy in town, Duke Sherrard, with his charming accent and seemingly interested personality in Daisy. Did I mention Duke thinks he's a fortune teller? Daisy's a little skeptical about that. But what about that teacher Duke predicted was going to die? And then did? Of course there's also those mysterious werewolf attacks in Nightshade. Daisy is determined to put this puzzle together and figure things out, and maybe figure out what's going on with this Duke Sherrard. And maybe find out why Ryan is hanging out with another girl? Daisy and her physic powers go on a fun adventure to put the pieces back together and solve this paranormal mystery.
Even though I liked the first book better, this book was good too. The only thing that bothered me was how Daisy kept on ignoring Ryan and didn't give him a chance to explain himself. But I guess that's just the nature of the book. I thought that the culprit of the book was really predictable, unfortunately. I mean I knew who it was and I knew what Ryan was hiding way before even Daisy did. For those matters, this book didn't appeal to me much but was still a good read. I'm hoping that the next book, Dead is So Last Year is going to be better than this one.
Daisy was a good character, full of humor and always looking out for her sister. She's a little impatient with Ryan, but it's kind of the whole point of the book I guess. The plot of this book was better than the last book because it was a little more complicated, with all the new characters, (werewolves, Duke, Ryan's friend). The ending was really really good I have to say, it even made me cry a little!
All in all, as predictable as this book is, its very good.
Stars: 4
Status: Must Read


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