Friday, January 7, 2011

Inception Review

So I saw Inception recently, and I gotta say, I LOVED IT! It was so much more than I expected, like, I thought it would just be a movie with a bunch of special effects but it actually had a plot and everything. Here's my review of this amazing movie directed by Christopher Nolan.
Cobb has a job. Inception. Almost impossible to preform. A dream in a dream in a dream. Each time you go into another dream the job gets harder and the risks get higher. But Cobb has to do this, its the only way that he can go home. So, he assembles a team of people to help him preform this task. The first person he hires is an architect, a dream architect. After his team is assembled, the architect builds a maze for each of the dream states. Why? Because, Mal, Cobb's ex-wife, is dead and in Cobb's conscience, and she's deadly. Because if she gets a hold of Cobb, Cobb could be stuck in the dream world forever. So they enter the dreams and from there a bunch of things go wrong and the adventure starts. There is wayy too much story to explain in this review, but this is the basic concept.
Its gonna seem a little confusing at the beginning, but once you watch it again or just pay attention a little more everything will make sense. This movie was sooo cool, the concept and the fact that you never knew what was going to happen. It was amazing! I was on the edge of my seat just waiting for things to resolve, but things got more complicated until the very end, which is .... actually I won't tell you. The ending is for you to find out. Go watch this movie it will be on your mind forever and change your view of whats real and whats not!

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