Friday, January 14, 2011


Ok, so remember Wings? The book I absolutely adore? Well I just read the sequel, Spells. And even though it wasn't as extraordinary as the first one, it was definitely amazing in its own way. This is by the always awesome Aprilynne Pike, and (I'm so excited about this!) the next book is coming out in the Summer and it's called, Illusions. Yay! I can't wait! Oh and if you haven't read the first book or my review of it, this probably won't make much sense to you. Anyways, here's my review.
Laurel has been summoned to Avalon Academy for eight weeks. She never thought her life could change more drastically after that. After almost being killed by the most dangerous troll out there, Laurel has to go learn her Fall Faerie duties in order to protect her family. Oh yeah, did I mention Laurel's a faerie? Every fall she sprouts wings, or lets call them petals. Anyways, during her stay at Avalon Academy, a lot of things change. First of all, Tamani tries to get closer and closer to her, even though Laurel is currently occupied with her human boyfriend, David. But Tamani doesn't want to accept that. Not at all. And now Laurel has even more to worry about, her not working faerie skills, choosing between Tamani and David, and protecting her family. And then, they meet a mysterious women named Klea who asks David and Laurel to trust her, but how could they? Klea hunts trolls, what would she do to Laurel if she knew she was a faerie? And what happened to the sentries protecting Laurel? Why weren't they there, and why was it that this Klea woman was the one to save them? There's a lot going on in Laurel's life right now, and this time, the decision is going to be even harder than the last.
First of all, I thought the beginning of this book was kind of boring, it was basically her in Avalon, and I hated it because they never once said anything about David. So the whole time I was like, Where's David? Are you still together? Do you miss him? So yeah, not such a good beginning. And then there was Tamani trying to be all boyfriend with Laurel, so I basically hated him for that. I mean, she's with David and Tamani says is, "Oh Laurel, come to Avalon. We can be together," blah blah blah. But I guess the author wanted that, I think Aprilynne Pike wants us to choose Team David or Team Tamani. Another sort of Twilight thing. Other than the beginning, I loved the rest of the book even thought it was a little slow. But it was filled with humor and parts where I wanted to plain smack Tamani in the face. I can't wait until Illusions comes out!!!
Stars: 4
Status: In between If you wanna read and Must read.

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