Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Iron Thorn

Hey! I've been a fast reader lately! I just finished The Iron Thorn by Catilin Kittredge and I really liked it! I'm currently reading Catching Fire now, review coming soon!
In the city of Lovecraft, virus is around. And it's deadly too. Anyone who catches the virus, from any of the magical creatures in the city of Lovecraft, goes mad. And anyone who's mad can only end up in the many of mad houses. Proctors rule the town and anyone who doesn't obey their rules can only be faced with doom. For Aoife Grayson this disease is especially important. Why? Aoife's entire family has gone mad as soon as they turn 16, and Aoife has a birthday coming up. Aoife's mother is already mad and so is her brother, Conrad. But when Conrad sends Aoife a letter telling her to save herself, Aoife is hoping that Conrad hasn't completely lost his mind. Read this captivating story about Aoife and how far she will go before she turns 16.
I honestly love love this book! Ah! I really like any book that has a special government that controls people, and this book had it! I liked Aoife a lot, she was really outgoing and always stood up for what she believed in. But my favorite character was Dean, :), a guy that Aoife and her friend Cal meet. I really love any guy who's nice in any book, but Dean was amazing :). Despite the longness of this book, I wasn't really ever bored. The problem and conflict was addressed before I was bored and pretty early into the book, which I loved. I also liked the sort of fantasy-ish edge to the book, with the nightjar creatures that lurked the city of Lovecraft and stuff. Even the cover of this book is amazing! Haha, anyways, this book has it all, the adventure, the drama, the romance. You've gotta read it!
Stars: 5
Status: MUST READ!


  1. Great review, Saba! Glad you enjoyed the book. :) Thanks for posting the notification over at New Books for New Bloggers.

  2. Awesome review!! Have been waiting for reviews on this one before buying it and this makes it the first one and already off to a positive check!


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