Monday, April 4, 2011

Before I Fall

So remember Delirium??? The book I was totally and completely in love with??? (I bought it a couple weeks ago <3) well, the wonderful author, Lauren Oliver, has another completely amazing book! Before I Fall, may not have been as super duper amazing and heart warming and fabulous and awesome and- well you get the idea, as Delirium, but it definitely made it to my favorite books list.
Sammy didn't think her average Cupid Day could be any different from the other years. Maybe just a few more roses for her then the previous times. But life couldn't have hit her more surprisingly as it did that day. As they drove back from a party, Sammy and her friends got into a car crash. Just like that, driving down the road and BAM! car crash. But when Sam woke up, it was not what she expected, because once again, it was Cupid Day.
The journey begins from there. From then on, Sammy lives the same day over and over again. And throughout the days, she begins a journey finding who she really is.
This book was so sad and amazing and touching at the same time. I really enjoyed it! First of all, even though it was the same day over and over again, it never got boring! Second, this is probably the one book that I have read that had tremendous character development. I mean, Sammy was barely the same girl at the end of the book. I loved how she did the most outrageous things during her many days on Cupid Day, I loved how she changed so much about herself. I think throughout the whole thing I knew what was going to happen, but that didn't stop me from re-reading the ending over and over again just making sure that what I had just read really happened. Lauren Oliver once again amazed me with her touching book. A must read for any Delirium fan or really any book reader at all! Before I Fall was Lauren Oliver's first book and since I read Delirium before I read Before I Fall, I knew I was ready to be amazed.

Stars: 5
Status: Must Must Read!

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  1. We just read this in my book club and I loved it!! I am a fellow member from New Books for New Bloggers and wanted to stop by!


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