Saturday, July 30, 2011

Funny Story

So I just got back from St Louis a while ago, and I have a funny story to tell. Now just a reminder, this may not sound very funny, but I promise, if you were there, you would have been cracking up.
So here's what happened. My mom, dad, sister and I are on our way back home from St Louis, and we stop by a local Pizza Hut for lunch. (keep in mind that this is still in the middle of the highway, maybe an hour away from home). So we eat our lunch, and are ready to go home, when it starts raining. Like pouring rain. It was raining like crazy and there was lightning and stuff. So my mom, sister and I are waiting by the Pizza Hut door while my dad went outside to get the car and bring it up front. And by this point, the rain has only gotten worse. So we're waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I'm pretty sure we waited for half an hour before my dad came inside the restaurant, soaking wet, and obviously the car is still parked where it was before. So we ask him what happened, and guess what? From the time he went to the car to turn on the engine and drive up to the door, he lost the key. He lost the car key. He's extremely soaked and is completely at a loss at where the key is. It's not under the car, outside the car, inside the car. No where. So in order to help, my mom goes and helps him. This takes another twenty minutes. Now they both come back soaking wet, and still with no key. So then we start worrying. We have no spare key, we're in the middle of no where, and it's going to get dark outside. We don't have our car insurance number handy, to call them and pick us up, so how are we going to get home? So while my parents are arguing about where the key could be, I kindly volunteer to help them find it. "No, Saba. If we can't find it then you can't either." My mom says. "Plus, you'll get soaked."
So I beg and beg them to let me help them find it, but they still don't let me. They go outside for another 15 minutes and still haven't found it. Finally, my mom gives in and let's me search for it. I sprint to the car and sit inside, it takes me ONE MINUTE, to stick my hand under the seat and find the key. It took my parents an hour, and they STILL didn't find it. It took me a minute. So lesson learned. Always listen to Saba.

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