Monday, October 24, 2011

Dead is Not an Option

Oh my goodness, it has been SUCH a long time since I've blogged!!! So sorry guys!!! I will try to get on more often, I hope you guys haven't deserted me! So here I am, officially a high schooler. I pretty much love it, even though there's a lot of stress involved. But it's worth it, I love school spirit and football games and stuff. Anyways... Here's my review for Dead is Not an Option #5 in the Dead Is series!
It’s springtime of senior year, and psychic sleuth Daisy Giordano is preparing to say goodbye to Nightshade High. But no college acceptance letters have arrived yet, and she’s beginning to worry about where she’ll end up come fall—and if it will be anywhere near her boyfriend, Ryan. But that’s not the only uncertainty Daisy’s dealing with. There’s a vamps-versus-shifters war going on in Nightshade, and things are so tense that there is talk of canceling the prom. The conflict is carrying over to the Giordano home, since Rose and Daisy are both dating werewolves and Poppy’s new boyfriend is a vampire.

Can the paranormal community in Nightshade finally find peace? And will Daisy and her friends survive graduation? All of these questions and more are answered in the latest explosive installment in the Dead Is series.

This book was definitely my favorite of the series. A lot of my itching questions were answered and there was a lot of events going on that made the book interesting. I loved how this time, I didn't exactly know the ending of the book, I mean I kinda did still, but there was a lot more surprises than I had expected. Daisy was kind of naive at times. The answer was right in front of her and she didn't know it, it got kinda annoying. Other than that, Daisy was hilarious as always, and clever of course. I thought this book was a lot more action packed and mysterious than the previous books. There was a lot of things going on at once, but it just made the book better. I loved how every once in a while things were just calm and you got to get away from all the books problems and just relax. But I also loved how things would go wrong in the worst of places, it kept the book very interesting. Ryan and Daisy were extremely cute, just as ever, and Daisy's relationship with her best friend, Samantha, was just as funny as ever. I have to say, I enjoyed this book a lot. And there was definitely a jaw dropper at the end. Beware, a few tears might be shed, too. Overall, this book has it all. The action, drama, comedy, everything! If you're not sure about reading the Dead Is series, I hope you change your mind!
This book deserves...
4 Stars!

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