Friday, December 10, 2010

Heist Society

Hi there : ) ! So today I'm going to do a actual review on the book Heist Society. I haven't really explained what I like about books so I'm going to really tell you guys what I think about this book. Heist Society is an ah-mazing book written by the same, brilliant author, Ally Carter from the Gallagher Girl Series. Read it!!!

Katrina Bishop doesn't have the typical father. Not even the not-so-typical that you would expect any other teenager to say. No, her dad is seriously different. He's a thief. He steals paintings. And guess who is the suspect after a recent couple of paintings stolen? That's right, Katrina's dad.
But Kat knows it wasn't her dad who stole those paintings. And it just so happens the person that owns the paintings is Kat's dad's rival. When Kat finds out where the paintings are she and her friends assemble a team and they go on an adventurous hunt to steal back those paintings. But they have a deadline, and they have to reach it in time, or else. This amazing/adventurous/awesome/funny/- well, you get the idea- book is a MUST READ.
I really loved Kat's relationship with her friend, who shall not be named. And also, the jealousy he got when Kat started liking someone else, or so he thought she liked him. Anyways, I also really loved how you had to read until the very end to see if Kat and her friends reached their deadline or not. The book never bored you, but it made you laugh, gasp and smile all throughout. There's also a shocking secret at the end. I also loved Kat's dad, who was very nice and it all reminded me of the Gallagher Girl Series, which trust me, is a good thing. This book is really good, and I'm pretty sure there's going to be a second one coming out which I am super pumped for!!! So, if you have read any of Ally Carter's books, or haven't, READ THIS BOOK!


  1. Good Review!!! I didn't even know you had read this book!

  2. thanks! and i read it a while ago just forgot to put a review for it. :P


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