Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You Wish

Hola!!! Guess what I just read??? You Wish by Mandy Hubbard! I love this book soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just as funny and amazing as Mandy's previous book, Prada and Prejudice. So here's the review for this awesome book.
Kayla is having the worst 16th birthday party ever. Her mom isn't paying attention to her, her best friend Nicole isn't there, and her arch-nemesis Janae is there. Once Kayla makes a wish and blows out her 16 candles, everything changes.
The next day, there's gumballs everywhere in her room. The day after, she finds a pink pony in her backyard. Day after day, something strange happens until Kayla realizes that all her wishes have been coming true. From when she was 4 to when she was 16. At first things are fine, but then Kayla realizes that when she 15, she wished for Ben Mackenzie to kiss her. And Ben Mackenzie is her best friend's boyfriend. Now Kayla has to go everyday enduring another wish, and hope that her crush, Ben, doesn't decide to kiss her that day.
This book was so good I couldn't set it down. It totally took a different direction than I had expected it to. All of Kayla's wishes were so funny and interesting. I was never bored, in fact, I was dying to read on and on to see what happened to Kayla. The book had such a lively and humorous tone to it, which I enjoyed a lot, and it definitely captured me from the very first page. The plot was amazing, the characters hilarious, and the whole book was just awesome. I think everyone should read this book!
Stars: 5
Status: MUST READ!

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