Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Challenge

Hello there! I am hosting another challenge, it starts officially at the start of the 2011 year. I hope you guys do join because not many have for my other challenges, so please do join, if their are no contestants there will be no prize! I won't tell you what the prize is because I hope it will make you wanna join!
Here are the rules:
1. You have to post on your blog that you are doing this challenge and put a link to this page in your post.
2. You have to be a follower.
3. You have to be in the US. 

You can choose whichever challenge you want, but no more than two challenges. The challenge will end March 1st. Here are the challenges.

Challenge 1: Read all the books by the author, Laurie Faria Stolars. You will have to read all of them by March 1st just like the other challenges.
Challenge 2: Read 7 books that you have never heard of, that's right, pick 7 random books in the genre of your choice and read them!
Challenge 3: Read 7 books that have more than 200 pages.
Challenge 4: Read 7 books in the genre, Mystery.

I will pick a random winner out of whoever participated and suceeded in their challenge. Once you finished your challenge you will need to email me at stating that you have finished. I hope your honest!
Good luck!


  1. Oh I am so doing the mystery series!!!!! I'll put up a post as soon as I havd Time! Great Idea!

  2. ohh yay! just like put the link to ur post in ur comment. thankkkssss


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