Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trance (New Feature)

I'm gonna do this new thing on my reviews, I'm going to rate the book/movie out of five stars. Just so you guys know what I really thought of it, and I will also be giving a status of- must read, if you wanna read, or leave it, and some other stuff. I may change my mind on doing it sometime, but for now its good.
Ashlyn has a gift. She can see the future, at least glimpses of it. The only problem is, she can't control it. It could happen at any time and she will go into the trance. There's also another problem, the guilt. Ashlyn has a sister, Kyra. A couple months ago Kyra had seen a trance and had told Ashlyn that someone was in danger. Ashlyn ignored it and then...someone died. Her mom. In a car accident. And guess who was driving? Ashlyn. She should have listened to her sister, should have obeyed her, but it was too late. Now Ashlyn is living with the guilt and now she has more trances, only she needs her sister to put the pieces together. But ever since their mother's death Kyra had disappeared. But the trances kept getting worse and worse and Ashlyn knows she has to find her sister. And then there's the number, numbers she writes down when she's in a trance. But that do they mean? She doesn't know. Ashlyn meets two people in the middle of all this, Gina, who helps her with a lot more than she thought, and Jake, who... well, you'll have to read it to find out. Can Ashlyn find her sister and put this all together? Can she figure out the trances and save whoever's life is in danger? Read this amazing book by Linda Gerber to find out.

I really like this book, a lot. Everything about it was just perfect. There was no unnecessary sentences or pages that bored you. There was also things that came up that made you read until the very end to see what happens, overall i couldn't set the book down. I also loved the characters, Jake, Gina, Michelle, all of them. I especially loved Ashlyn because she loves running and track like I do. There's a little conflict between Ashlyn and her dad, which only made the book more intresting. Overall a very good read.
Stars: 5 out of 5
Status: Must Read


  1. Nice review! I really like your rating system! This book was the best!

  2. THanks, this was like my longest review ever. thats how much i loved this book!


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